Bike Fairing Repair with toilet paper.

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Have you ever wanted to repair your own Bike Fairing? Well now you can and at the same time save mega $$$! Cheap and easy D.I.Y. anybody can do. My 1st youtube video so please bare with me, i’m not computer literate but getting there. Basically guys you need the following items: Super Glue Toilet Paper Bi-Carbonate of Soda 180 Grit Sand paper Dremel Bits: 1 x sharp pointed rough edged bit (cant remember its name) 3 x sanding bits That pointy object is a Spade wood drill bit (I was a tad nervous and forgot the name) Acetone (To remove glue from my fingers if required) Dust Mask Again the secrets are to roughen the plastic. You could also “V” the plastic on both broken edges. Drill holes not more than 10mm on either sides of the break and about 8 to 10mm apart. Drill 2 corresponding holes also about 10mm from where the break ends to facilitate strength and and stop it breaking further in the future. Start working the toilet paper in from the outer “slots” inward. The slot closest to the beginning breaks are the most important as this is where it WILL crack again if not done correctly. Always compress the toilet paper and then force it into the “slots”, If it fits easily then take another piece. It must fit tight and be forced in so that it sticks out 50/50 to either side of the plastic. Pouring super glue: a continues pouring is advisable due to the fast chemical reaction between the glue and toilet paper. Once you see that the paper stops absorbing the glue you stop. Wait for the chemical reaction to stop. (DO NOT BREATH IN THE FUMES. KEEP FUMES AWAY FROM EYES AS WELL) Turn plastic around and touch up on the inside, wait for chemical reaction to finish. Do ONE “slot” at a time. – Do not use tissue paper as it is “cleaner” than toilet paper and reaction time could be in the minutes instead of seconds. I am going to post quite a few super glue recipes as i would like to show you just what can be done with this product if done correctly. Satlon 105 Super Glue costs around $4 (US) and it is my trade mark glue that i supply to retailers. From Nail Salons to Panel Beaters to Granite Companies, Dental Practitioners and many more It is a vastly superior product to the basic glue we get here though i admit that some clients just want a strong glue that works and don’t want a fancy product like mine. Satlon 105 does not glue fingers together. Does not burn skin unless there is powder or material contact at the same time. Its flexible and stretchable and can be experimented with. Handles -50C and 80C with a 10bar pressure. I supply the whole of South Africa into Botswana and Namibia. Actually the only glue i know of that has a United Nations serial number and completely non toxic. 

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